Everyday living environment – rooms where we spend most of our time have a major influence on our mood, how we feel, health and thus on our entire life.

The most common factors in rooms having a negative effect on our health are: aspergillus germs, bacteria, dust, wrong moisture regime, use of certain building materials, which contain volatile organic compounds, etc.

All these factors can be minimised and avoided by using natural building materials and implementing correct building practices.

Natural building materials offer a healthy living environment and by using various finishing methods and finishing materials there are also plenty of possibilities to create a distinctive, unique and cosy interior design.

Our aim is to offer our clients high quality natural building solutions, which ensure healthier interior climate in living quarters, healthier living environment and also better health.

Our main field of activities are the following:

    • clay and lime plaster: for giving final look to the plastered surface various final finishing methods and materials can be used. This will give rooms distinctive and unique interior design;
    • tadelakt finishing: surfaces are smooth and absolutely water-resistant, meant to be used in bathrooms, saunas, kitchens; can be used in connection with sinks and baths;
    • natural paints: lime paint, clay paint, casein paint, oil paints: linseed oil, poppy seed oil, etc.;
    • insulation: thatch board;
    • façade: for plastering we mostly use lime plaster;
    • reconstruction work: old clay buildings and surfaces finished with lime plaster.

Clay and lime plaster:

      • a very good solution for people with allergies, since it is odourless and thanks to its high pH level (lime approx. 13 and clay 6.9) it is an unsuitable environment for the growth of bacteria and aspergillus;
      • with good vapour permeability, the so-called “breathing material”, ensuring good moisture balance in the room;
      • according to the certificate issued by American Society for Testing and Materials they do not contain volatile organic compounds, such as methane, aldehydes, ketones, etc.;
      • antistatic – thus the walls are dust-free, preventing volatilisation of various dust particles, which otherwise may end up in the human body;
      • resistant to bleaching – years after looks just as fresh as on the first day, thereby lowering repair costs.

Take care of your health and create a high-quality living environment for yourself and for those close to you!


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