Tadelakt & lubipahtel soojamüüril



Tadelakt  is a traditional Moroccan rendering technique used to produce waterproof surfaces.
It consists of hydraulic lime, quartz sands, clay, ash, marble flours and ground seashells.
Tadelakt surfaces are smooth and completely waterproof.
Thanks to the waterproofness, tadelakt is a good choice for bathrooms, saunas, kitchens, sinks and tubs. Large surfaces in bathrooms can be covered jointlessly, surfaces may also be curved.
Tadelakt can be used to make flowerpots, vases and lampshades distinctive and interesting as well. If pigment is added to the mix, the range of colours is potentially very wide. Tadelakt surfaces never appear to be monochrome – the spots with more minerals appear darker. Tadelakt surfaces should be maintained regularly with olive soap and a soft cloth.
Pictures of tadelakt


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